Green Card Issues and Immigration Law – A Video Resource

What Are Some of the Most Common Green Card Issues?

In this unique video resource, George Russo and Anokye Blissett discuss the definition of a Green Card and the conditions required to be eligible.

Green Card“A Green Card holder is a legal permanent resident, someone who has every right to stay here from the government. One of the first things people do when they get their Green Card is they go home – to their country of origin. And while you’re home, it can happen that you lose your card. But now you cannot come back to the United States, because a Green Card must be physically presents to an officer when returning to the United States. In those circumstances, you need to find the nearest United States Immigration Office, or, if there’s not one in your country, then there is always a US Consulate Office. You let the officer there know that you’ve lost your Green Card. They will contact the United States and make sure you are, in fact, a Green Card holder”

George Russo and Associates has partnered with Anokye Blissett to provide solid and reliable legal consul for clients seeking solutions to their immigration issues.

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