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Representing the Real Estate Client – Real Estate Lawyers New York

Our New York based real estate law firm is experienced in all aspects of real estate law. We represent purchasers and sellers of residential and commercial properties, including homes, condominiums, co-ops and multi-family units.

The attorneys, paralegals and support staff of our firm are real estate professionals who take pride in their hands-on approach to the representation of clients making the most important financial decision of their lives.

We counsel and protect our clients throughout each step of the complicated process of buying and selling their homes or other real property.

During the negotiation and closing of residential and commercial matters, we are often called upon to advise our clients in mortgage financing, construction lending, foreclosure buy outs and leasing arrangements.

Our expertise in real estate transactions extend to matters including sales, acquisitions; development, construction, banking, leasing and joint ventures. We repre-sent not only the buyers and sellers of residential homes, but also developers, builders, lending institutions, landlords and corporations in all aspects of commercial, office, industrial, and retail real estate matters.

The Representation of Banks, Lenders and Lending Institutions

George Russo and Associates, P.C. is a boutique law firm specializing in the representation of the lending community A passion for our work and knowledge of the industry through extensive experience have combined to make our firm a leader in the niche market of lender representation.

Years of handling the legal needs of this fast paced and specialized clientele has allowed our firm to develop a keen insight into what lenders require from their legal team. Indeed, an appreciation for the accelerated nature of the market and sensitivity to borrower convenience has helped build our practice in this area. Through expertise and professionalism in the handling of at the closing table, George Russo & Associates P.C. has enhanced the image and reputation of our lender clients.

Our experienced and dedicated staff of professionals, many of whom are practicing attorneys, gives us the capacity to close without much regard for the constraints of distance and time.

An entrepreneurial approach to the practice of law and understanding the needs of the lenders, have enabled us to seamlessly connect with their operations, and become part of the lender’s production team, moving their loan pipeline and creating cash flow for their business.

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The Law Office of George Russo and Associates, P.C. has offices in Queens, New York and Brooklyn, New York. Attorney George Russo has more than 25 years of experience meeting the legal needs of New York’s individuals, families, real estate professionals and area lenders. Our firm offers services in real estate law, real estate transactions, short sales and assistance to first time home buyers in New York City.

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