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New York Foreclosure Defense AttorneyBanks and lending institutions have been aggressive at commencing foreclosure proceedings against homeowners who have had difficulty making their mortgage payments.

Your home is your most valuable asset and must be vigorously safe guarded against the large banks and their expensive attorneys.

If your personal and financial hardship has resulted in your home being threatened with legal action, the law firm of George Russo & Associates, P.C. can defend your interests and protect your home against foreclosure.

Your lender will aggressively pursue their legal rights under the law. The loan documents you signed at the closing of your loan were drafted by the banks attorneys and make it difficult to defend against borrowers experiencing financial hardships in the payment of their mortgage need to be represented by attorneys experienced in fighting against powerful banking institutions. There are built in protection for those defending against foreclosure when properly represented. Our law office will vigorously assert any and all of your legal rights during a foreclosure action.

A strong defense can , if nothing else, cause a delay long enough for you to find a solution to your financial situation.

When facing the serious threat of a foreclosure of your family’s home by your lender, you must feel the assistance of a law firm that will jealously represent your interests. If your bank has begun legal proceedings against you call our law firm today without delay.

The foreclosure process is complex and cumbersome and requires strict adherence to procedures and time lines by the Plaintiff-bank. Your rights can be asserted at many stages of this long proceeding and any non-compliance by your lender can affect the outcome and delay the process.

In order for you to protect your family’s home you need an experienced and aggressive law firm to properly defend your rights, preserve your remedies and gain valuable time during this stressful process.

The law offices of George Russo & Associates, P.C. will provide a comprehensive consultation where your legal strategy can be developed together with a plan to protect your home at a legal fee you can afford.

Don’t delay, call today for a free consultation with a foreclosure defense attorney.

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The Law Office of George Russo and Associates, P.C. has offices in Queens, New York and Brooklyn, New York. Attorney George Russo has more than 25 years of experience meeting the legal needs of New York’s individuals, families, debt settlement professionals and credit lenders. Our firm offers services foreclosure defense, short sale attorneys and foreclosure defense programs in New York City.