Applying for a Home Loan Modification with a Queens Real Estate Law Firm

How to Apply for a Home Loan Modification using a Queens Real Estate Law Firm

If you are having financial difficulties and are either in arrears on your mortgage or are about to fall behind, you can begin the process of modifying your mortgage loan by calling your lender and requesting a loan modification application.

The application which is formally called a Request of Mortgage Assistance (RMA) will require to be completed and returned along with certain personal and financial documents for your lenders review to determine your eligibility. The loan modification process can be lengthy and complex. Our Queens Real Estate Law Firm can provide the needed consultation to ensure that your application is properly completed and most importantly that your financial documents are accurate and meet your lenders formula for eligibility.

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The Law Office of George Russo and Associates, P.C. has offices in Queens, New York and Brooklyn, New York. Attorney George Russo has more than 25 years of experience meeting the legal needs of New York’s individuals, families, and home loan modification New Yorker’s. Our firm offers services in home loan modification, preparing your documents and requirements for a New York home loan modification. Obama Home Loan Modification.