Hunting for an Apartment in New York City – Part 2

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It’s All About Geography!

apartment in new york city

First, ask yourself which borough you think you want to live in. Many times this will come down to economics more so than desire. Of course many people would love to live in Manhattan, but it’s just too expensive for them. You’ll find that, generally, apartments in other boroughs are cheaper and larger than those in Manhattan. So, if Manhattan is out of the question, what are you actually looking for? Do you need convenient and reliable transportation to and from Manhattan? Just how far from downtown Manhattan would be acceptable to you? For some people it all comes down to deciding between the cultures of each borough and the transportation services to and from Manhattan.

Secondly, become familiar with the boundaries of each neighborhood because this could make a big difference later one as to the real location of your apartment.

Take a Walk!

If you have plenty of time, take a walk through the neighborhoods and boroughs you’re interested in, and do this both during the day and at night time. This will give you a really good idea of what it might be like to live there on a full-time basis. Ask yourself these questions: Would you feel safe walking around here with your family? Are there convenient supermarkets and laundromats? How much traffic noise is there? Can you visualize yourself living here?

Research, Research, Research!

apartment in new york city

Learn as much as you can from the Internet, friends and acquaintances. Ask questions of anyone and everyone you come into contact with. How much are other people paying for their apartment in the East Village of Manhattan? What’s to both like and dislike living there? Should you use a broker or apply directly to the owner? If you know of someone who lives there can you get the landlord’s phone number – perhaps something might be coming available very soon. What are the success and horror stories of hunting for an apartment? Is this person happy with their neighbors? All sorts of questions, and just keep asking. The idea is to get as clear an idea as you possibly can about the choices other people faced when they too were apartment hunting, and what advice or resources they might be able to offer you.

Protect Yourself!

Once you have found the perfect apartment in New York City, protect yourself from any potential legal problems in the future by seeking legal advice prior to signing any documentation. George Russo and Associates are your local experts in real estate law and we strongly advise that you have a legal expert check your contract, prior to signing. We handle all real estate matters in New York City and we offer obligation-free legal advice to all new clients. We’re here to help!

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