Hunting for an Apartment in New York City – Part 1

Many people will tell you that looking for the perfect apartment in New York City can be one of the most frightening, stressful and unpredictable processes you’ll ever experience – and they might be right! The New York City real estate market is probably one of the most temperamental markets there is, due simply to the sheer volume of demand. If you can’t view an apartment today, it will probably be gone tomorrow.

apartment in new york city

If you’re seeking to rent an apartment in New York City and you want the best deal you can find in a specific neighborhood (or borough) then you have to be smart and open to taking chances. Here’s our guide on finding the perfect apartment for you in New York City, without using the services of a broker.

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Discover New York City!

apartment in new york city

If this whole experience is entirely new to you and you’re moving to New York City for the first time, then you need to discover the city. There’s no way you can imagine each neighborhood and city district (known as a borough), know what the residents are like and who they are, and comprehend what might be the average price people should pay for an apartment, unless you do some prior research. It’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into, before making any final decision.

In an ideal world you’ll have a good friend who invites you to share their accommodation just for a couple of weeks while you do your research and start your apartment hunting; but if this is not the case for you then you need to start researching each New York City borough as much as you can. Go online and check out all the online rental listings to get a general idea of what people are asking for accommodation in each borough and neighborhood.

Study the Culture

Research as much as you can about the New York City culture in each borough and neighborhood. Discover the economic and social issues, plus the ethnic composition of each borough – start with the New York Times for this one. The issues you might experience in the Bronx could be entirely different to the issues you’ll face in Queens, or Manhattan. Yes, they’re right next to one another, but the economic and ethnic composition of the Upper East Side is entirely different to that of Spanish Harlem. As you begin your research you may feel quite overwhelmed trying to understand the different cultures, but just keep going because any research you do will ultimately be very beneficial. Before you start your hunt try to see as many boroughs and neighborhoods as you can so you have a general idea of which neighborhoods might suit you best.

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